meet our coaches

At Junior Gym, we are very particular about our coaching staff. Our emphasis in providing a family-oriented gymnastics school leads us to maintain a staff comprised of caring, kid-friendly coaches. Rest assured, our staff is also highly trained in gymnastics, safety-certified by USA Gymnastics, and many coaches are first aid and CPR certified. We also have multiple coaches who are EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) trained. We are happy to boast many long term staff members, some up to 25 years!!

Jody Kraft – Head Coach Competitive Program

  • 12 years coaching experience
  • 5 years coaching at Junior Gym
  • 12 years competitive gymnastics experience
  • 5 years experience in Cheerleading
  • Began gymnastics at age 3
  • Won level 9 regionals at just 12 years old
  • Competed level 10 and Trained elite
  • Worked with Bela and Marta Karoli at exclusive winter camps
  • Worked with Kristi Krafft (National Team Coach) at exclusive summer camps
  • Led dances for Geza Pozar (Most famous national team choreographer)
  • Ran all-star cheer program in 2005
  • Choreographed and coached the high school national cheer champions in 2005
  • Experience in gymnastics choreography on floor and balance beam
  • USAG Safety Certified

Bridget Morissey – Head Coach Xcel Program

  • 11 years coaching experience
  • Coaching since 2011 at Junior Gym
  • Began gymnastics at age 6
  • Competed level 8
  • Prior to moving to California, she taught gymnastics in Illinois for two years.
  • She has been involved in the sport since age 6
  • Finished her competitive career training Level 8.
  • USAG Safety Certified