competitive program

We offer  one competitive program, the Xcel Competitive Program.
This program is by invitation only and for more information please contact the gym.



An alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering reduced workout commitments.

For girls with a passion for gymnastics, as well as the physical ability and determination!

This program is invitation only (evaluations scheduled upon request)
Meet dates and fees vary
Check with the gym for hours and pricing

Bridget Morissey, Head Coach
Xcel Program

  • 11 years coaching experience
  • Coaching since 2011 at Junior Gym
  • Began gymnastics at age 6
  • Competed level 8
  • USAG Safety Certified

Bridget is the head coach of our Xcel Team. She has worked at Junior Gym since 2011. Prior to moving to California, she taught gymnastics in Illinois for two years. She has been involved in the sport since age 6 and finished her competitive career training Level 8. She is USAG safety certified.