Parents & Tots (45 min.)
Ages: 15 months. – 3 yrs.
An all-around, “quasi”-structured gymnastics class for tots, with flexibility to begin following a loosely structured lesson plan or to ‘do your own thing.’ We use all the full-sized equipment that all the older gymnasts use.

Tumblers I (45 min.)
Ages: 3 yrs. – beginner
When your child is ready to separate from you and work in a group with a coach (or coaches). It’s more of a “developmental readiness” than either chronological or physical ability. Staying with the group and following instructions are the keys. We provide a structured gymnastics lesson plan, as opposed to free play.

Tumblers II (55 min.)
Ages: 3 – 4 yrs. – intermediate
An all-around structured gymnastics lesson plan. We try to keep it fun, fast-paced and stimulating, while introducing a somewhat more advanced lesson plan than Tumblers I.

Cartwheels I (55 min.)
Ages: 4 – 6 yrs. – beginner
The name “cartwheels” is just a label, and not intended to imply that we do only cartwheels, although they are a key skill in all of our levels. We offer a comprehensive, all-around program where we begin to separate the kids a little more by skill level in order to work more efficiently work on a variety of tumbling and apparatus skills.

Cartwheels II (55 min.)
Ages: 5 – 7 yrs. – intermediate

Shooting Stars I (55 min.)
Ages: 8 & up – beginner
Basically the same skills as “Cartwheels I & II”, but designed for this age group.

Shooting Stars II (55 min.)
Ages: 8 & up – intermediate

Flyaways I and II (90 min.)
Ages: 8 & up – beginner through advanced
For the gymnasts who are starting to crave a little bit more, and are ready for some ‘upper-level’ skills. The additional time gives us a chance to stretch and condition more intensely, which then leads to the flexibility and strength necessary for those more advanced skills. Flyaways I is an introduction to the 90-minute workout, while Flyaways II concentrates more on advanced skill levels, preparing the gymnasts for our ‘Recreational Team’ workouts. There is a tryout/invitation process prior to joining Flyaways.

Rec Team (2 hours)
Advanced Class
This is the most advanced recreational level we offer. There is no age requirement, but rather a desire and commitment to work hard for the full two hours. There is a tryout/invitation process for this level also. As in all of our classes, we will work on an all-around lesson plan. Floor skills will include back-handsprings, aerials and a lot more; however, beam, vault and bars will all be included. Conditioning, flexibility, and technique will all be incorporated into a challenging lesson plan following USA Gymnastics (USAG) guidelines for levels 3, 4, 5 and up. The fun, light attitude of our recreational program is what sets this team apart from our competitive program.