We believe that every child deserves high quality athletic training and instruction in a nurturing, safe, fun and positive environment. Through integrity, compassion, support and an ever-present sense of humor, we aspire to create a warm, emotionally and physically safe atmosphere in which children learn the skills, focus, drive and confidence to achieve challenging goals.

Our priorities lie in these broader areas of development which, in turn, guide our teaching and training style and techniques in helping our students to accomplish objectives from improving and doing their best, to winning medals, trophies or attaining high scores.

It is in this very decision to focus on life lessons over a “win at any cost” mentality, that we set ourselves apart from other gymnastics schools and training centers.


At Junior Gym, we are very particular about our coaching staff. Our emphasis in providing a family-oriented gymnastics school leads us to maintain a staff comprised of caring, kid-friendly coaches. Rest assured, our staff is also highly trained in gymnastics, safety-certified by USA Gymnastics, and many coaches are first aid and CPR certified. We also have multiple coaches who are EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) trained. We are happy to boast many long term staff members, some up to 20 years!!


A consistent and direct communication process in order to keep you updated on your child’s progress from session to session. Certificates and skill awards will be utilized as a means of creating a more positive and goal-oriented system. There is an emphasis, in our philosophy, on placing children appropriately in our classes, so we’ve expanded our schedule to better accommodate a wider variety of skill levels.


Beginner and intermediate level classes will be offered, leading to advanced classes being added in the future. Focusing specifically on boys’ gymnastics events, these classes are designed to eventually lead to a Boys’ Preteam, and Team Program.

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