Schedule/Guest Registration

Class Schedule Fall/Winter 2018-19

 Parent & Tot– (45min)

Tue., Thurs., Fri. 10:15 am


 Tumblers I (45min)     3, 4 yrs

Mon. – 1:30

Tues. – 2pm, 3pm                                                                                                    

Thurs. – 11am

Sat.   –  9am  (55 min.)                                                                   


Tumblers II (55min)     3, 4 yrs

Mon. –   2:30, 4:30pm

Tue.  –   3pm

Thu.  –   2:15, 4:30pm

Fri.   –   4pm

Sat.  –  9am


Cartwheels I (55min)    4-6 yrs

Mon. – 2:30pm, 4:30pm

Tue.  –  3, pm

Thu.  –   2:15, 4:30pm

Fri.  –    4pm

Sat.  – 10am


Cartwheels II (55min)     5-8 yrs

Mon. –   4:30pm

Wed. –   4pm 

Thu.  –    4:30pm

Fri.  –     4pm

Sat.  – 11am


Shooting Stars I & II (55min)     8 and up

Mon. – 4:30pm

Tue.  – 4pm

Wed. 4

Thu. –  4:30pm

Sat.  – 12pm


Beginner Flys (90min)   Skill level only

Wed. – 4pm

Sat. – 11am


Intermediate Flys (90min)   Skill level only

Same as Beginner Flys


Recreational Team (2hrs)    Skill level only

Same as Beginner and Intermediate Flys


If the above times do not work for you, Junior Gym will EITHER:
KEEP your existing class going throughout the summer with 4 or more students continuing,


You can use our flexible ½ day camp once or twice a week as a “Substitute” for your class if scheduling a weekly class is an issue!

**** New classes can be formed/scheduled with 4 or more students throughout our sessions.

** If you come to us with a group  of 3-4 children, we will make every effort to staff a class just for you, on the day and time of your preference.  Don’t forget, you receive a $25 referral discount for any family who signs up for a session at our gym!  818-785-2177, 2179

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