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*********** Summer 2018*************

PLEASE NOTE:  All classes are OFFERED, however not all will exist at all times, and classes do fill up!  You must call the gym to confirm

818-785-2177. Thank you!

Class Schedule Summer 2018

Parent & Tot– (45min)

Tue., Thurs., Fri. 10:15 am


Tumblers I (45min)     3 yrs 

Mon. – 1:30pm                                                                                                     

Thurs. – 11am

Sat.   –  9am  (55 min.)                                                                   


Tumblers II (55min)     3, 4 yrs

Mon. –   4pm

Tue.  –   4pm

Thu.  –  4pm

Fri.   –    3pm

Sat.  –  9am


Cartwheels I (55min)    4-6 yrs

Mon. – 4pm

Tue.  –  4pm

Thu.  –  4pm

Fri.  –   3pm

Sat.  – 10am


Cartwheels II (55min)     5-8 yrs

Mon. –  4pm

Tue.  –    4pm

Thu.  –   4pm

Fri.  –    3pm

Sat.  – 11am


Shooting Stars I & II (55min)     8 and up

Mon. – 4pm

Tue.  – 4pm

Thurs. – 4pm

Fri. – 3pm

Sat.  – 12pm


Beginner Flys (90min)   Skill level only

Tues. – 4pm

Sat. – 11am


Intermediate Flys (90min)   Skill level only

Same as Beginner Flys


Recreational Team (2hrs)    Skill level only

Sat. – 11am

If the above times do not work for you, Junior Gym will EITHER:
KEEP your existing class going throughout the summer with 4 or more students continuing,


You can use our flexible ½ day camp once or twice a week as a “Substitute” for your class if scheduling a weekly class is an issue!

**** New classes can be formed/scheduled with 4 or more students throughout our sessions.

** If you come to us with a group  of 3-4 children, we will make every effort to staff a class just for you, on the day and time of your preference.  Don’t forget, you receive a $25 referral discount for any family who signs up for a session at our gym!  818-785-2177, 2179

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